Cleaning kits,the brush is 5-40 tooth lines.
Cleaning airgun ,Black plastic barrel , the rope of cleaning brush ,connect with bristle brush,brass brush,wool brush ,pins

When cleaning a gun, strong solvents are first used inside the barrel and chamber to remove any powder, copper, or lead residue from the firing of the gun. These solvents should be applied using cloth patches and bore brushes, and never come in contact with the skin; protective gloves are a must. Next, new patches should be used to remove the solvent from all areas of the gun. Finally, more new patches will be needed to apply the gun oil to every metal surface, both inside and out. The gun oil will help protect the metal from the elements, and will also help dilute or remove the acidic oils left on the gun's many surfaces from human hands.

An unbelievable cleaning setup for the money. Provides for cleaning virtually any caliber rifle, shotgun or pistol and is all neatly packaged in a bulletproof aluminum carrying case. It's a beautiful thing at a bargain price.  

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