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Advanced Tactical Laser System


The advanced tactical laser system can be regarded as a deadly weapon. And it is used for destroying the enemy sea skimming anti-ship missile, cruise missile and short-range tactical rocket. Certainly the advanced tactical laser can also be regarded as non lethal weapons. Making the enemy weapons system failure quickly in the case of not destroying civilian facilities.

Compared to the non lethal weapons, the advanced tactical laser has the advantages of long distance which could deal with the enemy tactical and strategic objectives effectively. The advanced tactical laser can used to support the battlefield and urban military action.

Battle effect of the advanced tactical laser is scalability. It means that the weapon operator can adjust the destruction degree of target through selecting the time of aiming point and laser emission. People has outlined a battle scene as followings:

Facing an enemy convoy which has non combatant scattered around, it requires that advanced tactical laser system make them paralyzed with minimal injury rate. Advanced tactical laser system battle with each target one by one and make target lose its fighting capacity finally in about 40 seconds. These targets may include varying amounts of missile launchers, mortars system, machine guns, photoelectric device, antenna device, the vehicle tire and armed soldiers.



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