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Use Military Binocular Correctly


Military Binocularis used for observe battle field, study terrain and  detecting target. It can take a simple measure by the right eye lens with the mil division.

There are three levels in telescope magnification. They are medium power, high magnification and variable rate. Military binocular has been mostly used as 6 times or 8 times. However it is popular with seven times now. Because people’s visual distance is about 7km. Bigger magnification of telescope is not better. It may be used on the tripod if the rate is over 10 times. But if you use your arm to support the scope, hands trembling will effect observation, and even the observation effect will be bad.

You should set visibility at first. Handheld military binocular to observe the far target which is about kilometers away. You had better set left and right eye, rotate diopter rotating screw of the eyepiece until clear. Certainly you must remember the partition number of visibility. Then setting target distance. Throw military binocular tube and make two field sinks into a round. You must remember your visual acuity and eye distance when you use military binocular first time so that you can set it directly next time. Take a correct posture is very important. Both hands hold military binocular and use cubits clip it in the chest. With the snowy or foggy weather or strong sunlight, you can take a filter to keep your sight more clear.

Military  binocular can use professional formula to do mil partition. The formula can measured direction angle, high and low angle and target distance. It is a required course for each officer or scout.




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