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Night Vision Equipment


Infrared night vision instrument is a military night vision instrument which use photoelectric conversion technology. It could be divided into active and passive. The former is using the infrared searchlight target and then receive the infrared radiation which is reflection to form images. The passive type will not infrared ray. It depends on its infrared radiation to form thermal image.
Most people will associate with image enhancement technology when others mentioned about the night vision. In fact image enhancement system commonly known as the night vision equipment.
Observation mirror is one of night vision equipment. In general the mirror is handheld. It also could installed in the weapons. Observation mirror use single cylinder body. It belongs to handheld devices. This is applied to the condition when people want careful observation.
The camera adopt night vision camera which can transfer the imagines to monitor in order to play in time. You can also recorded imagines by video recorder. People can use the camera when they need high quality night vision observation at a constant location. Most camera with new has a built-in night vision function.



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