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BP-RS Foldable Alum. Bipod

Product Details:
Detailed Product Description

 The bipod legs consist of two tubular steel legs that are hinged at the sides of the elevating mechanisms. The legs have spiked feet, and their spread is limited by an adjustable chain. A spring attached to the right end of the chain and the right leg relieves shock to the legs during firing. The right leg has no moving parts. The left leg has a cross-level mechanism consisting of a sliding bracket mounted on the leg with a locking sleeve and adjusting nut. The sliding bracket is connected to the elevating housing by a connecting rod. Any movement of the sliding bracket is transmitted through the connecting rod, elevating mechanism assembly, and traversing mechanism assembly to the barrel, moving it in a like manner. The locking nut locks the sliding bracket in any desired position on the leg. Cross-leveling is performed to remove any cant from the sight. The sight must be level to attain true readings in elevation and deflection. Cross-leveling is completed by rotating the adjusting sleeve on the upper part of the leg.

Product name:BP-RS Foldable Alum. Bipod
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Model                 BP-RS
Posi-lock                    √  
Swivel                    √  
Extendable Legs                     √  
Foldable Arms                    √  
Reversible Arms-Folding                      √  
Stand                   Metal
Net weight                   262g
Center Height(Min-Max)               5.31"-6.89"
Leg Length(Min-Max)                 5.51"7.48"


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