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BP-RM Foldable Alum. Bipod

Product Details:
Model:BP-RM Foldable Alum. Bipod


Stand : Metal

Net Weight : 650g

Center Height(Min-Max) : 7.68'-9.65'

Leg Length(Min-Max) : 8.27'-10.63'


Detailed Product Description

 There are several glitches associated with the bipod, such as a tendency to deploy in unusual locations when near a wall, making it difficult or impossible to fire accurately. However, since the bipod doesn't provide any passive negatives to a weapon, it may be advantageous to use in conjunction with weapons that doesn't draw large benefits from using the foregrip, in favor of being able to lay down minor amounts of suppressive fire, or for increased long range accuracy.

Product name:BP-RM Foldable Alum. Bipod
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Model                   BP-RM  
Posi-lock                       √    
Swivel                       √      
Extendable Legs                        √      
Foldable Arms                       √      
Reversible Arms-Folding                        √      
Stand                      Metal
Net weight                      650g
Center Height(Min-Max)                  7.68"-9.65"
Leg Length(Min-Max)                 8.27"-10.63"  

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